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Walkin Freezer Repair

Problems with walkin freezers can be a big problem for businesses that rely heavily on them. If you’re having trouble with your walk-in freezer, NE has highly trained technicians to fix even your toughest refrigeration problems. We have provided support for walk-in freezers for many years. We offer 24/7 repair, installation and emergency services. We know how important it is to minimize downtime and keep your business running. Our goal of building long term relationships means we will always offer you the fairest pricing so you can rest easy knowing your dollars are being spent wisely. We have experience with many different makes and models. Our training and years of experience enable us to provide diagnostics quickly which ultimately helps our customers receive quality technical service and to get back up and running as fast as possible!

Service Overview

The ubiquitous walkin freezer is an essential part of many coffee shops, restaurants, and convenience stores. Problems include failure to maintain pressure and compressor failure, both of which can result in costly losses for products stored in the freezer. These problems, as well as unnecessarily high energy consumption, can be avoided by looking at the equipment and taking corrective action.

  • Electrical walkin freezer repairs
  • Walkin freezer unit repairs in same day
  • Freezer fan motor replacements
  • Walkin freezer door seal /rubber is broken repairing
  • Walkin freezer keeps tripping the fuses resolving

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